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Services Offered:

Training Services-Southwest K-9 Academy Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte Fla. All levels of obedience training, Behavior modification.

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Unleash your dog’s potential with Dennis Dalia. The owner and Trainer of the Southwest K-9 Academy. Let us teach you how to gain the off-leash control you always dream of with your dogs.

When you contact Southwest K-9 Academy for a Free Consultation and Demo, we will not just tell you what’s going on with your dog, we will show you how to solve all of your pet’s behavior problems. We like to custom tailor our training programs to fit your needs. So don’t be shy, let us help you. That’s why we are here!

A Trained Dog Is A Happy Dog!

Why Should You Train Your Dog?
It’s the most important gift you can give your dog
Your dog learns useful commands
Helps your dog know where he or she fits into the “pack”
Builds a foundation for solving behavior problems
Builds better communication
Helps your dog become more confident and predictable
Your dog can enjoy more freedom.

Southwest K-9 Academy offers:

All levels of obedience training

  • Basic Obedience, Off Leash Obedience, Behavior Modification

We offer K9 Boot Camp Training:

Three-week training program.

What is boot camp Training? 

Let an expert train your dog. Your dog will stay at our training facility for a three-week obedience training program. Professional dog trainer-Dennis Dalia will train your dog for you. 

After your dog has completed His/or Her training, we now transfer the training over to its owners. Each dog owner will receive a 2-hour private lesson upon pickup, and also receive some extra free training in our Saturday group class. This training is more for the dog owners, to learn how to better their training skills.

All Training Programs- pricing will be reviewed and given with Consultation.

All dogs are trained in private and group lessons with Dennis using real-world distractions.

We also provide private training and group class instruction. Our training will get you the results you need, so you can have the loving relationship and confidence you have always dreamed about. Continue to read more in-depth information about our training methodology.

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